Wednesday, October 15, 2008

take a breath

wow...i should not be blogging right now. i have a paper and homework due, but i'm not doing it. i'm blogging. geez.

well, nothing has really changed since my last post except for the fact that i'm actually going to party this weekend. this will be my first college party, a thought i find particularly sad since i attend a party school. i'm also a bit anxious about the fact that i'm straight edge, and i wonder how people will react. i'm kind of thinking that it won't be a big deal to turn down a drink, but anything's possible when people's inhibitions are lowered.

i'm excited, though.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

rollin rollin rollin

i feel renewed. there's something about having all of your homework done, having eaten a decent dinner, and not dreading going to a dead-end job you hate. i love it.

for the past three weeks, i have been working at one of the dining commons on my campus. while my coworkers and superiors were decent, the work damn near killed me. most of the time, i was a busboy; cleaning tables and picking up food scraps left on the floor. doesn't sound too bad on paper, but in practice, for up to four hours at a time and only being paid minimum wage, its a terrible way to make a living. if nothing else, it did give me much more respect for people in service and custodial jobs. it is hard, hard work.

in other news, i am finally starting to make some peace with my roommate situation. while its sometimes not the best, it could be a hell of a lot worse. besides, i'd rather have someone who wants to talk to me all the time than not at all.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

glory days

sorry sorry sorry everyone for my unexpected hiatus. its just that adjusting to classes, college life and all that jazz has been kind of a lot to handle.

well, don't know if i have officially announced this yet, but i have finally moved into my dorm! in fact, next week will mark the second week of my college residence. so far, i'm in love.

well...not in that way. yet.

although, there is this one guy...i really like him, and i think i have a chance, but i'm not sure how he feels yet. we had the talk about what kind of girl/guy we like, favorite foods, where we're from, majors...all that good stuff. i don't know; i think he may be flirting a little, but i could also be totally over-reading his signals. time will tell.

and, with this new guy thing that i haven't experienced in, oh, i don't know, TWO YEARS (!) has left me conflicted. in my mind, i thought that i would have wanted to see him (my him) by now, but...strangely, no. not yet. some days are bad; i miss him more than anything, and i can't seem to think of anything else. some days are okay; i don't think of him at all, or i'm at least not all torn up about it. i don't know. hopefully i can get him up here this november...
i haven't totally lost the faith though: he still calls/texts weekly. soooo...good, right?

well, i have to go. still have reading to do, doncha know.

and speaking of doncha know, did y'all see the debate tonight?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

the sting

well. first week of college. huh.

unfortunately, i'm already having roommate drama: its breakup and makeup time with my friend and mr. boring. evidently, they broke up (again) because mr. boring wouldn't commit...or something. you know, this is the stuff that gives teenage/young adult romances a bad name. i mean, everyone has their relationship drama (myself included), but this grade school immaturity thing has to stop. seriously. she's now telling everyone how she wants to get back with him, how she misses him, but she doesn't miss him, that she's so sad he deleted her from facebook, but he's so stubborn. i've tried my best: i told her that if she wants to stay friends, she should tell him so. no, she says; he's too...

too what, i asked?

just stubborn, she says.

i just don't understand girls sometimes, myself included. for example, i'm really really really really really missing him (my him) a lot. i mean, it seemed a few weeks ago that i was doing fine. i was looking forward to school and friends and learning and new guys and everything else that comes with college. now, it seems as if i can't even go a single hour without thinking of him once.

and that really sucks.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

i have nothing, nothing, nothing - no; really. i have nothing

hey y'all. sorry about the delay in posting, but i've been really busy with moving into my dorm. i moved on friday, and i'm really loving the campus.

i have nothing to report right now since dorm drama hasn't really started yet. the only thing i can think to tell you is that...i'm not over him. even though i thought i was, i'm not. it'll take one hell of a guy to make me forget him.

oh, and i listened to more jonny mcgovern.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

tick tock

so, today was basically a kick-back day where i did absolutely nothing. i talked to my future roommate yesterday, the one who broke up with her boyfriend since he bored her. they're back together now, if its of any importance to you guys. i guess he wasn't that boring, but i digress.

like i said before, i did nothing of any note beside order delivery chinese, watch a little noggin (its educational, dammit) and listen to more
jonny mcgovern antics. i'm moving to my dorm next friday, but i've still been putting off packing/cleaning up. i don't know why that is; maybe i'm still a little anxious subconciously. whateve.

other than the aforementioned articles, i have nothing to report. oh, i would like to give a quick shoutout to all my LINKREFERRAL BUDDIES!!! you guys are great...thanks for the awesome reviews and pointers. i forgot who said what, but one person said to scale down the font size. i will totally do that...i noticed just how big it is on the actual blog itself. i was just to lazy to change the default font.

oh, and the reason i don't post every day is that my life is not that exciting or eventful, right now anyways. i promise you that the stories will get better in the next two weeks.

if you feel like crying, watch the video below. one of my favorite songs from the moment i heard it.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

the thin line between love and boredom

a few weeks ago, one of my good friends met a guy whom she fell for, and he became her first boyfriend. a couple days ago, she changed her facebook status from "in a relationship" to "single". so, like any good girlfriend, i fished my brass knuckles out of my underwear drawer and prepared to annihilate the guy who had broken her heart. however, i had jumped the gun.

upon hearing the news, i called her at once to find out exactly what had happened. she picked up, and seemed quite chipper; not at all heartbroken. here is a rough transcript of our conversation:

Fat Girl: omg, what happened? are you alright?
my friend: oh yeah; i'm fine.
FG: so...what happened between you and [bleep]?
mf: well, i dumped him.
FG: hmmm. do i need to come up there and break my size 10 off in his ass?
mf: (laughs) oh no. don't worry; he didn't do anything. in fact, that's sort of the problem.
FG: i...don't understand.
mf: well, he never wanted to party or hang out or anything. he just wanted to stay in his dorm and talk. he was boring.
FG: oh well (laughs), i guess. so what did you tell him?
mf: mmm, nothing really. just that he was boring and i wanted to break up.
FG: oh...oh my.

well, you get the idea. basically, she dropped him like a hot potato because he bored her to death after approximately three weeks. now, to me, the first couple of weeks into a relationship aren't as exciting as, let's say, the first two. i guess that's because the honeymoon phase is starting to wear off. however, that's when the most intimate time starts. you guys start knowing little details about each other that no one else does. but i guess that could be perceived as the most boring time too. it all depends on perspective.

all i know is that there two guys that i met at my college orientation that i can't wait to get to know better. but that's for another post.

anyways, i'd like you guys to know about my new, totally awesome feedback email for the site. so, if you have any questions, comments, constructive criticism (and i stress constructive), post suggestions, or anything else cool you want to let me know about or something you want posted on the site, please send it to don't worry: i'll post the email in the header of the site so you'll never lose it.

also, there's a poll in my sidebar regarding adsense. please vote in it! i really need my readers' opinions.

editor's note: i removed the poll on 9/12/08. however, the results indicated that most of you would not be offended by adsense on the page. thanks for your votes!

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